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Tired of the same old exercise routines? Well Center Stage Fitness is offering a new program that will bring new life & fun to your work outs, Pole Dancing!

Intrigued? You should be! Our unique program includes a mix of Pilates, Yoga & choreographed pole dancing that women will love. Whether you’re just starting to exercise or you’re a regular work out queen, this experience is ‘poles apart’ from other exercise routines that’s for all fitness levels!

You may have learned about Pole Dancing as it’s alluring appeal is receiving amazing recognition in the US. It’s been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, Dateline & many others.

Pole dancing may have an uncharacteristic appeal, but the invigorating classes are powerful, strength-building & body toning work outs. Finally, a work out program that you’ll enjoy, that’s absolutely entertaining & will make you feel confident and sexy!

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