HCG Diet For Weight Loss

Exercise and diet are two sides of a coin. Weight loss cannot be achieved without the right diet. A regular exercise routine followed by a strict diet is vital to weight loss.

One of the most popular diets that are followed for the weight loss is the HCG diet. It involves the presence of a ‘natural’ hormone. The HCG diet promises an easy way out. The diet is named after this natural hormone – human chorionic gonadotropin.

While the diet is not approved by the FDA, the shots are legal, provided the source of the hormone is legitimate. Whilst they are approved to treat fertility issues, they are not to be sold over the counter.

The HCG Diet

The diet plan is a simple one. It has worked for millions of people. The trick is to do it right. If you’re starting out with hcg, understand the entire plan and how it works before taking it up. That is the key.

The diet is divided into two parts – the intake of the hormone and your regular food consumption. A low-calorie diet is accompanied with the HCG injections. Unless you regulate the quantity of consumption, the reduction in the fat is not likely to make an impact on the weight loss.

Part one – The HCG itself

The first part of the HCG diet is the HCG product itself. It is recommended because evidence shows that it keeps the hunger down. The fat stored in the body is targeted.

There are two ways to consume this

  • HCG Injections

HCG injections are most popular. They are intramuscular injections that are given in the buttocks or the thighs. HCG is available in powder form which is mixed with a liquid and injected with the help of a syringe. They are also available in prefilled injections.

  • Oral HCG alternatives

The oral method is safer, easier and more economic. The oral product is available on the market and easier to obtain.

Part two – The quantity of intake

Initially, consume a high fat and high-calorie diet for two or three days while taking the HCG. The success of the diet depends on this. Do not stop the HCG intake until the course is completed.

This diet restricts your intake to five hundred calories per day. This low-calorie diet and a fat burner at onlywhatworks.com is recommended to go with the HCG. While the exact number of calories consumed cannot be counted, it is prudent to watch what you eat. Include a simple and light choice of food in the right amounts.

A recommended diet would include 100 grams of protein, a fruit, a vegetable and a toast. Two liters of water along with a cup of tea and coffee is included. Take ample rest.

Duration of the HCG Diet

The normal period of the diet can vary from person to person. It is done in ‘rounds’. You have the option of doing short or long rounds. It depends on your goals with respect to weight loss. A 26 day round is one of the most popular diets that are followed. A longer one for 40 days is also prescribed.

A maintenance phase is a gap that is between two ‘rounds’. During this time, you can eat any amount of food, but sugar and starch are prohibited. The 40-day norm can be exceeded, but the diet may not be very effective after that period. This is because the miraculous human body adapts itself to the HCG Diet.

The water plays a very important role. It keeps the body dehydrated and helps in the process of detoxification. The two liters of water is a must. One of the advantages of this diet is that exercises are not mandatory.

While the diet sounds tricky it is fairly simple. It must be followed to the T. Timing is everything. Incredible results and unbelievable weight loss are seen with the HCG diet.

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